Monday, October 10, 2011

Updates from Week 31

Well, this past weekend we completed our first childbirth class.  It was very interesting and we learned quite a bit!  It was very helpful to know more of what to expect, to learn what your body is going through, and even better we got to tour the hospital and get a feel of the room (s) we will be in!  So, very exciting and well worth the long day of class.  It was fun being a room with all other expectant moms and hearing their stories... (and the bathroom line was always pretty long during breaks!) That evening we had a nice date night--with dinner and a movie, enjoying all these quiet nights :) 

More updates -- I am still so lucky to be feeling so great.  I have noticed over the past couple weeks that I am swelling a bit more.  Actually, just a few weeks ago, my ring started feeling pretty tight on my finger (especially when I'm on my feet more often)  So, I bought a Target $20 ring that I have been wearing instead and will have to do until swelling goes down!  My feet also are getting pretty thick *yes, even 'thicker' than they usually are!  Ha!  So, long days of being on my feet is getting more difficult, and as I am going through our long Cerner Health Conference, I am doing my best to stay off my feet, but the feet swelling and backaches are hard to avoid.  Otherwise, I'm getting a few sharp pains up in my rib area---which I guess just means things are squishy up in there, and he is getting so much bigger and taking up more room! 

Only 9 more weeks left!!  (actually we learned at our class, that the average first-time mom, actually goes 41 weeks and 1 day....that would put us at Dec. 21st - the Wed. before Christmas---we'll see if they let me go that long if he doesn't decide to come out before!!)

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  1. Oh dear...hopefully not Dec 21st! Oh and I was thinking...Maybe when the weather turns colder the swelling will go down a little? I know my ring always gets really loose when i'm cold. Lol to "thicker than usual". Love you and my nephew tons (and P too!) xoxo