Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It feels like a bowling ball...

Wow--lots to update since my last post a few weeks ago.  Crazy how fast time can fly by (and yes, I know it'll go even that much faster once Baby is here :))  Anyway, I am 33 weeks today, only 7 more weeks until D-day (as in Due date) and while some have asked if I am ready, my response is usually, give me a few more weeks! We are so excited to meet him, to love all over him, but I would love a few more weeks to get things together...I'm thinking anytime after Thanksgiving would be great (like I have ANY say in this matter--haha!)  Anyway, here's what's been going on lately:

  • Monday, the 17th, I had an appointment with Dr. Wittek (as I was fighing off a nasty cold that I couldn't shake.  Hopefully that's the only one of the season, it's so much harder to fight off a cold while pregnant!)  and we got to do another sonogram!!  Mostly it was to reassure us that there were no longer spots on his brain, and there was not!!  So, that was a huge relief and it was so fun to see him again.  They did tell us that he has' quite a bit of hair' :)  It's so fun picturing him coming out with hair, and trying to think of how else he may look!  But, he is still measuring within a day of his due date, Dec. 13th, and as I asked how the  head was measuring, they said at 40%.  So, good to hear!  We also loved that during the sonogram, he turned us face directly to us and was staring us right in the face!!  Looks like he may have some chubby cheeks, that I just can't wait to kiss and squeeze!

  • Another thing pregnancy has brought on in me is baking!! I'm not sure if I have mentioned it, but I seriously love baking and I can't get enough!  I'm sure it's because I'm enjoying eating it all too, but it's so therapeutic and I love baking in any free time I have.  I also am not very humble about my treats, and like to mention how delicious it all is, which Patrick finds pretty funny. 

  • It's also getting harder to get in/out of bed.... it's usually accompanied by some grunting, rolling around, and takes a bit to get comfortable....thank goodness for body pillows though--highly recommended for anyone that's pregnant!

  • Never understood why pregnant women waddled... I always thought they were just kind of exaggerating or making it seem worse than it really is.... ok, now I completely understand and am pretty sure have joined the waddle-world. :)

  • Other noticable side effects as I continue to grow, and get closer to delivery:
    •  my gums bleed big time when I brush them or floss, it's crazy to see all the blood come out when I spit
    • I can no longer kneel in church on the kneelers, b/c my belly bumps into pew, so I have to lean back on my knees,
    • my feet have been spreading out and feels better when I wear shoes a 1/2 size bigger, but I feel like I am stretching out some of my shoes (in fact, I held myself back from wearing a pair of Amy's that I was borrowing, b/c I didn't want to stretch them out for her and ruin them!)
    • Really sharp pains in my sides, along my rib cage.  Dr. Wittek says that's from my uterus ligaments continuing to stretch out.  It literally takes my breath away sometimes, and I have to hold my side, but luckily it comes and goes...I definitely prefer when it goes!
    • Lastly, Dr. Wittek had mentioned the last few appointments that pretty soon it may start to feel like I have a bowling ball sitting on top of my va jay-jay.  I didn't really understand what she meant, until about 2 days ago!  Oh my goodness, that's exactly what it feels like!!  I guess since his is head-down, he is working down there further and getting into place, but it seriously is hard and it hurts to cross my legs, to lift up my leg to put on my pants, etc.  Anyway, I guess this was surprising to me, as I hadn't heard of many other people that felt like this (I guess I was thinking I would maybe feel like that 1-2 weeks before, but not 7!)

  • Newborn Care Class- we went to this last Thursday and it was really helpful and we learned lots of good Baby Basics, and really good tips from the instructor.  Basically they talked about, products/items you'll need before baby (and those you can live without), installing the car seat, giving baby a bath (always holding them by the theigh if you worried about them being slippery, or ever dropping them), changing diapers, especially with umbillical cord and circumcism, when changing clothes, go over the crown of baby's head, vs. the biggest part, and I thought was really interesting, was that right after delivery the skin to skin contact is so important to regulate baby's temperature.  And Mom can heat/cool baby by making their own temperature go up or down by 4 degrees!  Isn't that crazy??  So cool--even outside of the womb what your body does to adapt to baby's needs!
In other news, this past weekend we celebrated the wedding of a good friend from Beatrice, Justin Villafane and his wife Kelly, and had their reception in Lincoln.  We also celebrated Emma's baptism in Kansas City with all the family, and I am so very honored to be Emma's godmother.   And sadly, this past weekend, we also lost my Uncle Randy to cancer that he had been fighting for the past 500 days.  He truly was one of the kindest, most humble guys that I have known and Patrick and I have said that if our little guy could be the kind of man Randy was, that we would be so lucky.  Please keep my Aunt Denni and my cousin's in your prayers.

I have included a few pictures from the past weekend (32 weeks)


  1. you look great momma!! can't wait to see you waddle in person. :) love you friend. hang in'll never remember the "pains" in a few short weeks.

  2. You are so pretty! Hope the "bowling bowl feeling" isn't making you toot as well!