Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stretching Ligaments

So, today marks the start of week 16-- and looks like we have a little avocado :)  Baby A is now about 4 1/2 inches long, and now circulating and pumping blood throughout his/her body.  It's so much fun to read all the updates in what's happening with the baby....and with me too!  Ha! 

We had a check up with our OB last Friday, and everything is looking really good.  It's always such a relief to hear that everything is good, and to hear that sweet little heartbeat!  Heart rate is at 155, and she said at our next appointment we will have more homework.  But, at our next appointment we will also find out the baby's sex and get to see him/her!!  Sometimes I just look down at my stomach and want to see in there so bad, so July 22nd will be highly anticipated!  We have had a lot of fun with the babypool Patrick started and seeing what people think we may be having and seeing all the good names people have been coming up with!  We'll see who's closer to winning the pool, with whomever guess the sex correctly!

The most interesting thing I have learned over the past couple weeks is how much my uterus ligaments are stretching.  I have had pains several times on my lower left abdominal, and was so interesting when Dr. Wittek showed us an actual size of my uterus and the baby inside at Week 15 and how much the baby grows from now until Week 20.  This is the biggest growth spurt the baby will have (so, I am now resting assured by that point, I will definitely be showing more :) )  Anyway, no wonder my ligaments are stretching out, but again, something new I am learning throughout this whole pregnancy thing. 

We are so blessed to so far be having a healthy pregnancy, and we ask for your prayers that it continues!  Happy 4th of July to you all! 


  1. yay! Love reading your blogs. I CAN'T WAIT to hear if it's a Baby Boy or Girl A. :) We pray for you every night! Love you! ~The Kirby's :)

  2. Baby pool?? where is this at? I'd love to guess if baby A is a lil boy or girl. =)