Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daniel Jack Lewis

Well, after 2 weeks of being out in the world, I wanted to introduce you all to my new love, Daniel.  He was born May 16th at 11:30am at 7 lbs .5 ounces and has completely had me head over heels.  He is absolutely perfect and I could just stare at him all day!  His hobbies include eating, sleeping, pooping, and passing gas.  Amy and Cody are settling into their family of 3 life very well, and enjoying parenthood. 

We can't wait for Daniel J to meet his little cousin and for them to be best friends!! 

The good news is--- I'm officially at 12 weeks today and feel like I have more energy back, and have not been feeling as sick in the morning!! (Now, night time I still have had an upset stomach, but hoping that'll go away soon too I hope!)  I am going to attempt going back to kickboxing tonight-- I haven't been since I found out I was pregnant, b/c I just haven't felt like it at all!

Hope you had a good Memoral Day weekend--- Patrick and I enjoyed some R&R at the lake with Mom and Don.  It was WONDERFUL---we enjoyed some sun and good times together!  This coming weekend we will be going to Omaha for Patrick's oldest brother's wedding!  So excited for a good family wedding and to add another sister and nephew to the Altenhofen family!! 

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