Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We're pregnant!!!

Today marks our 10 week mark--and today we got to hear the heartbeat and see the baby!! It was truly an amazing experience and just seems so crazy that I have that little baby growing and moving around in me right now.  They told me today that the baby is healthy, strong heartbeat (175) and the due date looks to be December 13!!  When we originally found out we were pregnant, we were pretty sure we knew the date, but turns out we were about two weeks off (we actually thought we were possibly going to have a Christmas baby, but hopefully he/she will be here before that!!)  So, a few thoughts from the first 2 months of being pregnant:
  • No matter how many people tell you how they feel, it's completely different to experience all the symptoms firsthand!
  • Morning sickness is NOT just subject to the morning.... I have been feeling pretty sick sometimes throughout the day, but generally at night also, usually around 7:00 or dinner time.  I am VERY thankful for no throwing up though, just nausea, but also have realized that it's good to feel bad, and means the baby is growing strong.
  • My food aversions/cravings have been intense.....one of the first clues that I may be pregnant was that when I saw Patrick thawing out chicken for dinner, I almost gagged.  All day long I just couldn't stomach the thought of eating it!  (and for those of you that know me, I eat chicken all the time!!)  I have been eating a lot of saltine crackers (on my nightstand), peanut butter &toast, pretzels, sandwiches, salads still sound good too....cereal has been on and off! 
  • Significant breast tenderness....and swelling :)
  • Developed some acid reflux--- had one scary night I thought I was having a heart attack, my chest was so tight.  At times hard to breathe, but I'm on some meds now, so it's been helping (who knew that 50% of pregnant women will get acid reflux??  I sure didn't )
  • The night I took a pregnancy test, Patrick was working with his group on a project for school....I didn't completely believe the frst one, so I took another....both obviously with the same answer....but I still went out and bought another brand, so I could take another in the morning, as they say that's the most accurate!  I was so shaky/nervous to tell Patrick, I wasn't sure how to do it without just blurting it out right when he walked in....so I googled how to tell your husband you are pregnant :)  Someone suggested writing in red lipstick on your stomach "Your going go to be a Dad"....well, I didn't go that far, but I thought I'd just write it down on a piece of paper, and put it on my back, so he wouldn't see it right when he walked in.  So, when he finally got home, he gave me a hug and felt the paper on my back, and said, "What's this?"  He read it and had the most priceless, shocked look on his face...I'll never forget it.  We hugged a lot, were in complete disbelief (me for quite awhile even after!), and were over the moon!
Otherwise, we are thrilled to be able to share the news.... I have a hard tme keeping secrets, so it was killing me not to tell people for several weeks!  We are so incredibly thankful and blessed that our baby is growing healthy, strong, and was moving so much today in the sonogram! 


  1. Sarah - reading this brings back SO many memories!! Hard to believe I was pregnant with Jase while I worked with you in Admissions!! Enjoy every second of it...embrace maternity clothes (elastic waste bands are your friends), and just enjoy! Brenda :)

  2. I am still dying that u taped a sign on your back. Love you silly sis!!

  3. Oh my gosh- love that you're blogging! And that you're pregnant. Be sure I'll keep this close on my radar...can't wait to watch you "grow" (haha) and you're going to be a wonderful mom!! I love you dearly.

  4. I'm so excited for you Sarah!!! Patrick too! Dylan was asking me last night when your baby was coming. I don't think he quite gets the whole idea that these things take time. He was a little disappointed when I mentioned December.

  5. Sarah, I love that you taped a piece of paper to your back! You are so funny. I'm happy for you guys and look forward to reading the updates. Love you!