Monday, November 9, 2015

Royals Win the World Series!!!!!

YES!  Something I wasn't sure I would ever seriously type - it's true!!! The Royals won the World Series. History in the making - it had been since 1985, the last time they had won.  I hope when I read this back sometime that we have done it again.

The team battled in each and every game - they had more come from behind wins than any other team in history - and I have to say - it made for some REALLY fun baseball games!!  Patrick and I got to go to one game with our friends Erin and Mike Groopman - we went to one of the ALS championship series games.  It was a blast!  Then, watching the games in the evening with Patrick - the kids were off to bed (we used the DVR to pause when actually putting them to bed) and would jump up and down and silently scream - lots of high fives, fist bumps and the night we won it all... lots of hugging and disbelief.  What fun to see a great group of guys achieve their dream.  That's what sports is all about - working hard towards a goal, being disciplined, motivated, and achieving greatness.  SO cool.

3 days after the win (in New York, we played the Mets) there was a parade in Kansas City.  Of course, Patrick and I thought we needed to take the kids, not that they will remember it, just felt like the right thing to do.  Our 'plan' the night before was to take a shuttle from the Plaza down to the Union Station area.  Well, that didn't work out, as the line to get on the shuttle was SOO long - we would have never made it.  So Plan B.... we walked..... yes, from St. Luke's on the Plaza to Union Station.  Ellie mostly was on Patrick's shoulders, and Will alternated between walking and riding piggy back on my back.  Between that and carrying my 10 pound purse full of drinks/snacks, etc. I definitely pulled my right bicep :)  There were just swarms of people - all in blue- walking down just like us!  We somehow ended up on Main Street - not really meaning to, we more wanted to see the parade vs. the rally at Union Station - but somehow ended up close enough to Union Station that we could see the big screens displaying the parade.  If I got on my tip toes I could see the street - but we were probably at least 150 people back from the road.  As I look at pictures now - it's truly incredible that we were in that mass of people.  They estimated 800,000 people were there to celebrate.  School was called off and everything.  The kids did GREAT - Ellie was entertaining all those around us, as we waited a long time for the parade to start and then get to the end.

All in all - a wonderful day, and a fun series, and great memories I will always have.

Let's Go Royals (clap, clap, clapclapclap)

Loved being at the game with this guy!!

Sweet girl fell asleep on the way back from the parade

Holy moly that's a lot of people - even MORE were behind us

YES! We were all there - this picture is proof :)

Lots of snacks kept this hungry girl happy!

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