Monday, November 9, 2015

Ellie and Will - 19 months and 3.85 years old

Well, I guess I should get a post in, now that I'm back to work and my sabattical bliss has pretty much gone away :)  I have still made a point to try to enjoy some lighter work days and spend with my babies, especially soaking up the rest of the nice weather this fall - also I have told myself I will only spend a few week nights working in the evening - and come into work the next day, more fresh and be more efficient.  Just enjoy my nights of reading, relaxing, and most of all - enjoying being with my family.

Not too much to report on - for the past several weeks, I have been trying to figure out my heart burn problem.  This has been something on and off - since about this April.  My doctor had my taking some over the counter meds and just refraining from: tomato sauce ( no pizza), no alcohol, no caffeine, no chocolate!! I mean, seriously, I told her, what kind of life is that to lead?? But really, those are all trigger foods, and I had several nights of very strong chest pain.  The only thing that helps is that I know that when I burp I get relief, but night time gets back when I lay down.  Anyway, finally I got prescription meds, which seemed to help, until about a month ago.  So, I had an ECD scope done, which basically they said, nothing major showed up.  The GI doctor, said nothing significant showed up, but no major polyps or erosion of the esophagus.  So then I go back to my PCP, Dr. Brookings - who is amazing and great - I just send her a secure message, like an email, and she is very responsive.  Then, they say it might be your gall bladder, so I got a sonogram (no gall stones) and then they did a test to see how my gall bladder functions (functions fine), and so then I did a Stomach Emptying Test - turns out I dump food out too rapidly, just a tad, so I am now on some medicine for that.  It's starting to feel very out of my control - but I sure hope to get some answers and some relief soon.  Definitely not fun when I have really strong attacks (what I call them!)  After sharing what I'm going through - I realize how many people have struggled with this too, goodness, it's very painful, mine basically just feels like I"m having a heart attack.  Usually, during the days are fine.  Ok, enough about that.

Will - super fun!! I was lucky I got to take him and his 18 friends from school to the pumpkin patch.  I got to ride the bus with them (all the kids thought any turn or bump on the bus was the best thing ever - lots of giggles ans screams of delight!)  We also had lots of fun trick or treating this year-  he is finally at an age where we 'got' it and LOVED getting all the candy!  Will is still a very sweet boy - he is usually very kind-hearted, sensitive, and the biggest jabberbox (of course all of this is a wash when he is tired... then he turns into a different kid, some monster kid that got dropped off at our house for awhile)  Anyway, it's amazing how his conversations have matured, and he is starting to ask more 'Why'.  Mommy, how is Jesus with me all the time?  Mommy, what is that word again (quilt was in one of his books), Mommy, I have to poop..... (insert loud farting noise), oh, no worries Mommy, it was just a fart'.  Will keeps us on our toes, and can usually be found running around outside, especially playing frisbee in the front yard.

Ellie Gracie - Oh, my sweet Ellie girl.  Ellie has gotten quite the attitude and gets the biggest sass face when she doesn't get what she wants.  It's pretty funny - and hard not to laugh at her.  As you can see above, she has the 'cheese' face down for pictures- oh, how I love that scrunched up smiley face!!  I just love squishing on those cheeks, thighs, etc.  She's the best.  There is nothing like the feeling of her plopping down in my lap when she wants to read a book, or just kind of snuggle with Mommy.  When she puts her head on my shoulder and tucks her arms in tight, I close my eyes every time and savor that sweet moment (usually it's just a few seconds)  then she flops her head to the other side, or gets distracted, etc.  Ellie is in the stage of pretty much a bull in a china closet - and leaves mass destruction wherever she goes.  She still likes to throw food off her high chair onto the floor - which drives Patrick and I crazy (and the only time I wish we had a dog!) Ellie also loves to dance if there is music on, and just recently started singing to Wheels on the Bus, (she tells us this by rolling her arms and whining until we sing it), Twinkle, Twinkle (and she twinkles her fingers like they are stars in the sky) and lastly 'A,B' - as she slaps her legs (I guess they sing all these songs at daycare, and we finally put together they must slap their legs and sing ABC's.  This is usually requested daily by Ellie in the car, and Will kindly sings to her :)  It works out nicely.  These two usually get along really great - and even tonight, Will very sweetly helped hold up Ellie's nebulizer (ugh, back at that again for the winter months I guess, as she started getting wheezy) but this time it's a bit easier if we turn on the iPad and let her watch a show while doing a breathing treatment.

Patrick is doing good - staying really busy with work - but the Royals win was definitely a highlight for this life time Royals fan.  Now, here comes KU basketball to take over a few of our weekly TV schedule.  No complaints here, I always enjoy watching college basketball.  Still cheering for the undefeated Northwest Bearcats, and the Huskers (although they are having a bit more of a rough season)

Cheers to you all, our blessings overwhelm me and my heart-burning heart, and I thank God every day for these sweet babies, my sweet husband.  Life. Is. Good.

Cheesing at the park on a nice October day!

Enjoying the Plaza Art Fair

My love

Field trip with Will


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