Saturday, February 16, 2013

Will's Favorite Words

We are having a BLAST with Will--he is SO much fun - repeating so many words we say, and just seeming to absord and learn so much everyday!  I keep thinking---where did he learn that?!!  I know I will continue to be amazed by all that he learns and takes in. 

Will is not just walking these days, but usually running to try to make it to his destination of choice---it's so funny--poor guy falls down a lot and still getting his balance, but it's so cute watching him toddle around!

Some of the words that Will uses regularly:
- dog (woof)- yes, makes the sound
- when we say cow- he says BOOOO (he means Moo though :))
- sheep (baaa)
- horse (neigh)
- Pizza!!! (he loves saying this over and over when he eats this)
- bath (when he hears us say bath, he literally runs towards the bathroom and can't wait to get in--he will continuously try to throw his leg up on the bathtub to try to get in even if he has his clothes on!  he loves splashing around in the bath tub!! - doesn't enjoy getting his hair washed/water in his face as much)
- shoe (he says this so clearly---it's the sweetest!)

One of our favorite things to do is play "I'm gonna get ya"---and we chase Will around and he squeals and runs around until he gets to his little chair in the sunroom!  It's so sweet---he giggles and thinks it's the best thing ever.  He is also very ticklish, so I can't resist tickling his feet, theighs, belly, and around his neck is always a sure giggle.

He has really just now started to LOVE reading---he will read in the car, in his chair, in his high-chair, but both of favorite spots is in Mama's lap.  It still melts my heart everytime he grabs his book, toddles over to me, and plops down in my lap.  It may not last very long, but I soak up every second! 

Playing catch---Will actually does a pretty good job catching/throwing (well, at least we think so!) and are pretty impressed with his hand/eye coordination.  We think he's going to be pretty athletic....and smart...and kind... and.... :)

Will has adjusted so well to the 1-year-old room at Daycare (he goes Tuesdays and Wednesdays to St. Luke's) and Mon/Thurs/Fri up to Marilee's.  I really like the ladies that teach his class, Miss Della and Miss Stephanie, and am really enjoying being able to do both for him.  It's been so good to have daycare as a back-up in case we need it, and of course, we are so lucky to have his Mimi watching him the other days.

We almost have a 15-month-old---hard to believe. I still look at him everyday, and can't get over what a beautiful miracle God gave us.  He is such a sweet boy, so loving, so happy, and so perfect.  I just can't get enough of him!!  Thank you God for blessing me to be this little boy's Mama.

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!  Love!

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