Saturday, February 16, 2013

Best buds

Love all three of these boys SO much!  All special to me in their own way :)

Daniel and Will are finally starting to interact/play together!  It's been really fun watching them both grow up---and now it's such a hoot to see them get excited to see each other (lots of squeals/screams, clapping, and Daniel pointing to Will and saying "bubba" (that's much easier to say than Will!)  Anyway, in January- Amy and Cody watched Will one night so Patrick and I could have a date night (and do our Christmas dinner, my bday dinner, and Valentine's all at once :))  We went to 801 Chophouse (awesome, awesome---highly recommend---great food and service, pretty pricey, but worth it if out for a rare night out!) and we also saw Zero Dark Thirty (intense movie, but good---I don't think we had seen a movie since before Will--so was nice to just be in the theater together!).  Anyway, the next weekend, Amy and Cody had a night out, and we had so much fun having Daniel here. Can't wait to watch these two grow up together, to continue to play together, and just be best friends. 

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