Monday, January 14, 2013

Feeling hot, hot, hot

I have realized that I typically update my blog when I'm feeling sentimental, happy, content, etc.  I rarely have time or care to update the 'rough' days of parenting, but thought I'd try while the memory is still fresh.

Just last Friday--Will woke up and I could tell his forehead felt warm - took his temperature and he had a 101 fever. We decided it was best for him to stay home from MiMi's and I was able to stay home with him and work from home.  That night, we were meeting my Mom/Amy/cody for a pre-birthday dinner for me, and we could tell he just didn't feel good---he wasn't even fussy, just looked like he was in a daze and was sitting so still and just out of it.  Took his temperature when we got home, and it was 103.4!! Oh my gosh!!  So, I called the on-call doctor line, and they said let the tylenol work, and bring him in in the morning.

Saturday morning- took him to see Dr. Espe--and he was just so fitful (and hadn't slept well that night), he did NOT appreciate the nurse or Dr. Espe messing with him, and it was confirmed he had a double ear infection.  We got some amoxicillin for that, and he said it should take about 24 hours.  He was kind of on and off feeling ok, and after a nap, he was still hot and having a fever.  I had a late work Christmas party that Patrick and Will were supposed to go to with me- but they ended up staying home since Will was not ok.  Sunday - more of the same---another rough night (and some tired parents too) and I was at a baby shower for my friend Katie in St. Joe---so Patrick was ready for a break after a long day with a sick, tired, and very clingy/fussy baby. 

By Monday morning, he still had a slight fever, he really did not sleep well, so Patrick stayed home in the morning and I came home for the afternoon.  By Tuesday morning, he was still not better, I called the dr. and brought him in (Patrick and I again split working 1/2 day on Tuesday also)  After taking him in again on Tuesday, (and again, NOT appreciating the nurse and doctor poking at him), they determined he also had RSV :(  So, poor guy was really sick.  She actually said he was doing really well considering what he was going through, and he was breathing fine (which is why we didn't really even know he had RSV)  So, anyway, by the rest of the day Tuesday, he was starting to act more like himself.  We went to daycare Wednesday (no fever for 24 hours, so it's safe to go to daycare--I called the doctor's office twice to confirm for sure!) -- they said he was fine, just seemed kind of 'out of it'-- but he ate pretty well, which he wasn't eating hardly anything for us. 

By this point, Patrick and I were SO worn out, we were frustrated/tired, and just wanted our normal boy back!!  I can gladly say that now (over a week since it first started) and over the weekend he was back to normal---fun, social, interactive, giggling, walking/toddling around, and just our normal sweet boy!  Thank goodness!! 

I remember thinking --so, this is what they mean by saying being a parent is hard?!!  It broke my heart to see him sick, and I just wanted to do something to make it better!!  So thankful this was his first ear infection and that he is feeling like himself again :) 

Whew, we made it!!

Still smiling even though he's sick!

So start feeling better

This was a rough night :(

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  1. You are such a good mama......made me sad reading this, I'm sure it was really hard seeing Will like that. YOU GUYS ARE ROCK STARS!!!