Monday, January 14, 2013


What a wonderful Christmas Will had this year!  It was SO much fun - we got to spend lots of good time with family and enjoyed just being together.  Will decided to really start taking off walking over Christmas - it was so fun to watch him try to conquer walking across the room.  We called him the 'drunken sailor' as that's exactly how he looks as he unsteadily tried to walk, with his arms out in front of him, with a goofy/sweet little smile on his face :) 

Our Christmas:
  • Christmas was on a Tuesday this year- we went up to NE the Saturday before and stayed until Wed.
    • Saturday - we got to spend time with Lindsay, Chad and Sadie - was so much fun to see the kids (kind of) interact, play, and loved seeing how much energy Sadie has and hear all her words and new tricks!!  We love getting to spend time with them and wish it happened more, but we'll take what we can get---so excited to find out what Baby K #2 will be in late Feb.
    • Sunday - Mack family Christmas at my Mom's
    • Monday - Celebrated with Mom, Don, Amy, Cody, Daniel - my 2 step-sisters - Erin, Erica, and their spouses.  We got to meet Baby Malcolm, and Erica will be having a girl this spring.  With my sister also due in early March-- there will be lots of babies!! In fact, 5 grandkids for Mom and Don all under the age of 2!! AHH---so much fun!
    • Tuesday - went to Mass in the morning, and then to Grandma Meyer's for the afternoon.  Enjoyed getting to meet my cousin Kim's baby Elise for the first time---she is such a beautiful little girl, and so sweet!!  Always very special to get to spend time with my Grandma Meyer - as she is soon approaching her 90th birthday, and has been living with Stage 4 cancer for the past 1 1/2 years.
    • Wednesday - drive home, unpack, enjoy our time together at home
    • Thursday - had lunch with some of my good friends from college and met their boys (so fun that many of my good college friends are all having boys!! Love that mama/son connection!)  Was so wonderful to catch up with them!!  Got to meet Baby Miller and Baby Beckham-- and time with my girls is so precious---I just enjoy it so much!
    • Friday - Celebrated Christmas with the Altenhofen's---so nice to have everyone together at Bill and Marilee's
    • Saturday - Christmas with all the Altenhofen's in Seneca.
We are so blessed---what a wonderful, beautiful Christmas we had this year!! 2012 was such a great year!

      Will and his girlfriend Sadie

      ALL the Mack cousins---and Grandpa Mack!

      Will- Christmas 2012 - 13 months

      The Altenhofen 3

      Sweet Bubba Bear - Christmas morning

      Miller Man

      My girls!! --and their boys :)

      Love hanging with the Riley's!!  And loved meeting Beckham!!

      Altenhofen Cousins :)  Love this pic!!

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