Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wiggle Worm Will

I have been using this term frequently to describe Will these days!  He is always moving/squirming around--and making lots of squeaks/grunts/coos now while he does it!  In fact, today while he was doing tummy time, I sent off a quick email and when I looked up he had scooted himself all the way around on his play mat!

For a weekend update:

Friday over lunch we went up to Cerner and Will got to meet several of my co-workers and he was such a sweet, good boy--Mama was really proud!

We had been planning on going to NE for my Grandma Meyer's 89th birthday on Sunday.  So, Friday we kept hearing about a crazy snowstorm coming towards NE---we decided to just take off early Friday afternoon and make it up there before the weather got bad.  Amy, cody and Daniel also came up Friday night instead to miss the bad weather coming---we did wake up Saturday to a few inches of snow---but Lincoln and Omaha got hit MUCH harder with about 13 inches!  Glad we missed that!  So, Saturday we got to spend some time at Grandma Meyer's with Grandpa D, and then saw my Grandpa Mack too.  That night we got all pumped up to watch the KU/MU basketball game (unfortunately, the wrong team won---but a good game was had!) 

Saturday night---this could be a whole blog in itself, but let's just say it was the hardest night we have gone through yet.  Will was being very fussy when we were trying to go to sleep, and by very fussy, I mean SCREAMING so loud and just couldn't be consoled or calmed down.  Patrick decided we should take him down to the living room area of my Mom's so we wouldn't wake up/keep up Amy, Cody and Daniel.  After hearing the crying continue for awhile, I joined him down there---I figured we were all in this together!  We took his temperature, wasn't that...I tried to nurse him...wouldn't calm him down---but luckily laying on the floor in the living room staring at the ceiling fan was a good distraction for him.  So at about 2:00am, Patrick, Will and I were all laying on the living room floor, P and I saying that someday when we weren't as tired we would laugh about this :)  I finally got Will to fall asleep laying on my chest, and I decided not to try to move him and he slept the remainder of the night like that on me.  So, the whole ordeal was about from mid-night to 2:45am, and I'm thinking it must have been the shrimp scampi I had for dinner that he didn't like. 

Will -1.  Sarah/Patrick- 0.

Sunday we went to early church--and Will was excited to meet Father Major!  Then we went to Great-Grandma Meyer's for her bday celebration--it was nice to have cake/punch/ice cream and celebrate Grandma's 89 years of life!  She looked great and is feeling great (i'm kicking myself for not getting a picture while there... I was bad about pics this weekend) 

Will has just been getting more and more fun---I understand now when some parents I know say it just keeps getting better---I can see that!  He loves his activity mat, and I will usually get down on the floor and put my face up by his 'friends' on his mat, and just smile at him---and I absolutely love seeing his face light up and smile back at me.  We have some 'talks' as he coos back and likes to hit the things hanging off the mat. (I've had to not let myself think about how much I'm going to miss doing that when I go back to work in 2 weeks....how he won't be seeing my face all day long---but I teared up briefly thinking about it, but I have tried not to let myself dwell on it)  It's fun to watch him interact with us and his toys though!! He also likes when P and I sing to him, so we have been doing more of that too :) 

 Here are some pics I have taken from my phone lately:

Playing so hard on his mat- he kicked a sock off :)

All ready for the big game!  Rock Chalk!

First a snooze with Dad before the game

He loves staring up at the birds on his swing! 

My smiley guy!

Here's how he scooted around in just a few seconds during tummy time!

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  1. Look at that smile, hahahaha! He is so adorable! And I love that you say his "screaming fit" must have been due to your shrimp scampi dinner, haha :) Hilarious!