Monday, February 13, 2012

The Final Countdown

Yep, the end of my maternity leave is creeping up, and coming to an end.  This is my final week at home with my baby--- I have mixed feelings about it.  In some ways, I am ready to start having more of a routine/schedule, to get out of the house, and to have some adult/social interaction.  However, the other part of me is thinking about how much precious time I will be away from him, how much I feel like I will miss out, etc.  I can definitely see and now finally relate to all working Mom's out there and the pull/guilt you feel....  I am very lucky though with both work and our childcare situation.  My work and manager is very understanding and supportive of family first, and I know if I need to work at home, or flex my schedule somewhat, I think he will be understanding.  And we are taking Will up to Marilee's (Patrick's Mom) to watch him everyday.  Not much better childcare than his Mimi!  So, I know he will be in great hands and will be loved and cared for....and what a HUGE relief and blessing that is!  So, I am going to focus on that, and know that if I need to be annoying and call and see how he's doing, at least I am just annoying my mother-in-law (?!)  :)

Anyway, this past weekend was great.  It was so nice to not have much to do at all!  We went up to Brett and Angie's Friday night--had some tacos and hung out with the kiddos.  It was fun to see Brady, Emma and Will all 'playing' together!  They are going to have so much fun growing up together and making memories together!  Saturday, we slept in a little...did some cleaning, laundry, got a workout in all before noon!  Love those days :)  We went to church Saturday night, which was nice to do with an open Saturday.  (Funny story---of course, I fed Will right before church, and when we got there, it was quiet before mass and Will was kind of fussing in his carseat, so we got him out and he let out the LOUDEST belch!!  Haha---everyone around us was laughing and knew that he had to have felt better after that one!  Proud Mama moment?!!)
Saturday we ordered take-out from Blue Moose (our common weekend night dinner plan!) and then Sunday we woke up and went to Eggtc with our good friends, Nick and Erica VanDee.  Then, we went up to visit Bill and Marilee for the afternoon, and came home to watch the Grammy's (rest in peace Whitney Houston---still in shock, she was so very talented and I love all of her songs) 

Patrick's weekend project: putting up a ceiling fan in our spare/guest room.
Sarah's weekend project: making Grandma Mack's sweetheart cookies

Both of our projects were a little rough/rocky, but the cookies taste better than they look, and the light is ALMOST up, after some minor wiring difficulties :) 

Hope you all had a great weekened--and Happy Valentine's Day to you all!! 

Love these PJ's from my Aunt Valerie---they fit him perfect! (size 6 month!)

Another sweet picture in his new PJ's from cousin Daniel (thank you for ALL the hand-me-downs!!)
Fun with cousins!

Haha--Will is not too sure about this!

I'm starting to hold my head up so strong while doing my Tummy Time!
My sweet sleeping baby boy--- all snuggled up in his Pack and Play (still not his favorite place quite yet, but he's doing good here in this picture!)

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