Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Introducing Emma!

Our sweet and perfectly beautiful niece was born yesterday at 1:50pm, at 7 pounds, 5 ounces.  Her name is Emma Elizabeth, and she sure has a full head of dark hair!  Congrats to Angie, Brett, and big brother Brady! (he's pretty tickled about his Sissy)

Otherwise, update for us, 84 days to go and just starting my 3rd trimester today!! In my BabyCenter updates today, they talk about Restless Leg Syndrome, which I definitely have from time to time!  It's such a strange feeling, it's like I just can't keep my legs still.  I actually had talked to my OB about it a few appointments ago, and she said it was a real medical condition...so I got a chuckle when I saw it in my updates.  It's funny how so many unusual things become usual during pregnancy :)  Oh, speaking of unusual, I didn't mention in my last post how I have a new love of red meat/potatoes....in fact, I actually ordered a STEAK at the restaurant this past Saturday night!!  For anyone that knows me, this is highly unusual and I can't tell you if I've ever done that....the night before I had pork tenderloin also!  I just keep thinking that A) I need the protein/nutrients/iron from the meat  B) it tastes good, so why not?? and C) if this little guy is anything like his Dad, he will be a steak and potatoes guy , so I'm doing it for his enjoyment also! :)  So, when people ask me if I have any strange food cravings, I really don't, it's more just me eating foods that seem weird to me!  I have also begun a new hobby and increasing my confidence in baking!  I seriously have become a little obsessed with wanting to bake something every weekend--and I must say all of my experiments have turned out pretty delicious!  I hope it's something I continue after Baby gets there too---something theraputic about it, and I like sharing the treats too!!  But, I'm enjoying the 'fun' stuff to eat also and having the excuse that it's 'for the baby'.

Happy Tuesday to all!

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