Monday, September 19, 2011

Almost a new niece....

Well, we are anxiously awaiting word from Brett and Angie on the birth of their baby girl!  At noon, Angie was at a 4 and just got her epidural.  We really can't wait to see this sweet girl, AND to know what her name is! (We are realizing how suspenseful it can be when you don't know the name!!)  Anyway, praying that all goes well and we'll get to meet her tonight!

Otherwise, we all had a great weekend. Friday night we got to celebrate with Patrick's Uncle Chip's swearing in party as the new Jackson County judge.  Congrats Chip!!  What an Honor :)  Saturday, Mom was in town and she came over to paint the nursery. We are SO happy with the color and how it turned out.  Mom and I both think it's a good sign that we chose the color...Contented.  Maybe it'll be a good omen for the room and we'll have a very content baby :)  We also got some stuff to help organize the nursery closet and maximize our space!  Had a nice dinner with Mom, and to top it off, wins for both the Huskers and Bearcats!  Great way to spend a rainy Saturday.  Sunday we had brunch at Amy and Cody' to play with Daniel.  He's at such a fun age--smiling a lot, 'talking' to us, and he's just such a happy, laid-back guy.  I can't get enough of him!!  Then, we went up to our friends Lauren and Reid's and spent the evening with them and their son, Jack.  Had a good dinner, played some good pitch, and just enjoyed catching up with them.  Funny story-- Lauren was feeling my stomach to feel Baby A kick...and Jack wanted to do the same!  It was sweet--- we kept telling him the baby was in my stomach, which he then proceeded to try to lift up my shirt to see the baby! Haha---sorry Jack, few more months.  We know Jack will be a great teacher and like a big brother to Baby A. 

Here is a picture of the nursery so far:

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