Tuesday, August 23, 2011

6 months along today! (24 weeks)

Seems so crazy that I am already 6 months pregnant!  Ah---time is really flying!  This week, Baby A is compared to the size of an ear of corn or a banana and a little over 1 pound.  He's slowing getting more fat on his little body and is such an active little boy! :)  I love it!

My sister (and Daniel, who slept during the whole trip!) and I went to do some baby registering this past weekend.  It was really great to have her opinion on what you need and what you don't, what she has learned, etc.  Kind of what she has been doing for me the rest of our lives, so why change now?!  Anyway we had a lot of fun and looking forward to going to a few consignment sales together in the next few weeks too!  We have had a little hiccup with ordering our nursery furniture, but think that we will still be able to order it this weekend (cross our fingers)  I was told Sunday that the set was discontinued and was so dissapointed.  I called Buy Buy Baby yesterday, and now they told me it's NOT discontinued and they actually have the crib in stock that we can pick up this weekend.  So--I'm hoping that my next post, I can officially say it's ordered :)  It'll be nice to have that part decided on, ordered, and on it's way!

Otherwise, it's been interesting to hear all the labor/baby stories that Patrick is experiencing first hand at his new job these days---he's seen some pre-mature babies in the NICU and a C-section (he's thinking that leaving the actual labor part to experience for the first time with our baby--- I think that's a good idea and sweet of him!) 

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Love from all 3 of us!

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