Monday, July 18, 2016

Marco Island - June 11-17

We got to go on a wonderful family vacation this year!! In the winter months, we like to plan a summer beach vacation and Marco Island was a great choice.  We went in not knowing too much about it, and got some great recommendations.  We also were planning our trip for early June, and came to find out Patrick's younger brother Joe, and Michelle, Elaina and Liam were all planning a beach vacation in Florida around that time.  So we thought, why not go together and get a house and share it... it was a great idea!! We had so much fun with them, was so great for the kids to have their cousins to play with, and us adults had fun - especially after the kids went to bed.  Highlight of the trip- was our first day we rented a pontoon boat (we quickly realized that me driving the boat was NOT a good thing for our marriage... and I quickly took my seat back on the passenger side :)) and we got to see LOTS of dolphins swimming right up to us.  It was amazing and one of the coolest and unexpected things I have experienced.

We had lots of beach days - thankfully Will loved the water and being in it... Ellie was mostly interested in just eating snacks while on the beach.  And I mostly tried to not stress out about the sand everywhere and her eating sand mixed with her goldfish.  :)  We got some great sun, great relaxing and Patrick and I even got a date night!!

Kids did great on the plane - one highlight was Ellie started dozing off, and ended up falling asleep on the passenger stranger next to her!! He was asleep too, but woke up and was a great sport and allowed her to snuggle up to him :)  I enjoyed some time reading my book.  haha.

Wonderful trip - Marco has great shells that were fun to collect, the kids loved swimming in the pool at the house, and then usually was naps, and then on the beach.  Love that the hardest decision of the day was what we wanted to drink or where to eat :)  Ahhhh, vacations are the greatest!!

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