Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Fun -2015

Ok yikes - it's been a LONG time since I have posted - and it's now pretty much the end of summer - but lots of exciting things coming up - I'll try to do a monthly recap:


  • Had a fun birthday night out with my sister - we haven't done that in SO long!
  • Celebrated a wonderful Mother's day at both Bill and Marilee's and my sister's to get in lots of good Mama love.  My kiddos were so sweet to me too (thanks Patrick :))
  • Deanna Rose fun!
  • Went to the Lake for Memorial Day weekend and enjoyed some fun in the sun, Ellie enjoyed splashing in the pool with her cousins, Will got on the jet ski and we all enjoyed a boat ride.  Special memories.

  • Patrick and I celebrated an early anniversary trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.  Will and Ellie got some good quality time with Grandma Bobbie and Grandpa Don.  Really sweet memories made for us all!!
  • Father's Day- I got Patrick tickets to Royals game for us all to go.  Too bad it rained on us right when we got there and then Ellie blew out her diaper with no back-up clothes.  And of course, I didn't have a spare outfit in the diaper bag - we looked a little rough coming out of the bathroom with our kid just in her diaper...we left soon after and realized maybe next time it should be adults only :)
  • Got a couple fun trips to Atchison to celebrate my Dad's birthday and Father's Day too.

  • Our cousin, Michelle got married to Ross on the 4th of July weekend.  We had lots of fun with our cousins, spending the night in the hotel in Seneca, and dancing the night away!  Capped off the weekend with a fun pool party at the VanDee's new house.
  • Celebrated the life of my Grandpa Mack as he passed away - just shy of his 91st birthday.  It's always hard to say good-bye, but I know he is in a better place and happy with my Grandma.  In fact, he was calling her name as he was slipping---pretty cool.  Was nice to have all my family together for a whole weekend.  
  • Went to the lake with Michael, Debra, Ben and Eva.  We had so much fun getting the kids together and then enjoying some adult time at night!  Great memories and so much fun together.
  • Will and I also went to his first movie in the movie theater.  I loved seeing his expressions and he had to sit on my lap, b/c it was all sold out and only 1 seat left!  I secretly enjoyed that almost more than anything :)

  • Altenhofen's take over Omaha - we went to the zoo (all 19 of us!!) and to celebrate Dominic's baptism - wonderful fun and memories!

  • It's now August 14th - Patrick and I's 5 year anniversary and also the start to my month long work sabattical.  So, maybe I'll start blogging more again ;)  I'm ready to make some memories with my kids ( i have a sabattical bucket list started) and to have a few days to myself.  So far - pretty blissful.

Will - is still a jabberbox and will talk your ear off to whomever wants to listen.  He is very outgoing and will talk to any adult or new person he meets.  He still is pretty gentle with his sister and still gets in a high pitched voice to talk to her (like when we did when she was a baby)  He is VERY competitive (I don't know where he gets it :)) and always thinks that when we are driving in the car that it should be a race.  He is a fun kid and makes us laugh everyday.  

Ellie - she is growing up so fast and is 16 months already! (patrick says i need to lose the month count and just say she is a year!) She is starting to get a little sassy and will throw fits if she doesn't get what she wants.....which is usually just more food.  She can eat all day.  I love that about her though.  She gets this crinkled face smile and squinty face smile that I could just die for.  I love her chubby legs and kiss her as much as I can.  She loves to swing, go down the slides, clean things (with washclothes or wipes), wrestle with daddy and brother, play with Mommy's phone, put on her shoes, and eat.  (did I mention she likes to eat?!)

Anyway, hope this finds you well.  Will add pictures when I can :)

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