Monday, March 16, 2015

Ellie - milestones

Before I forget - I promised that I would jot these down... when Ellie started:
 - Getting teeth - 11 1/2 months!  - two little toofers just popped through :)
-  Clapping - 11 months - so sweet to see her get excited and start clapping - YAY Ellie!
 - First black eye - 11 months - sweet girl fell over in the mulch at the park - she only cried a little bit!

Sweet girl, feels like she is always getting the shaft - first, she had a BAD stomach bug - about 2 weeks ago.  Started on Sunday, with her having horrible diarrhea and projectile vomiting - that lasted all through the week until that Thursday.  (I was teaching a class at work, so Patrick was so great about taking off and staying with her, and I took off Thursday - silver lining was that on Thursday she was in a great mood and over it, so we actually had a nice day playing at the Slyvester Powell Community Center gym)  Anyway, after the flu - then, we go to the park and she tips over and gives herself a black eye.  Before the black eye can heal, this past Friday she gets a bad eye infection from a friend at school :(  Ugh - so the poor girl's eyes, yes, both of them, are so swollen she can barely open them, and the other is black/blue. People really were giving us looks....

And through it all - she really just keeps smiling.  She is happy and doesn't let it get it her.  I hope she always has the resilience and perseverance that she has shown in her less than 1 year.  I just love her so much, and love getting my 'love' from Ellie (she leans her head down and gives love - melts me!)  I don't think I'm going to be ready in a few short weeks for her to turn 1, or to go in the BIG 1 year old room at school---feels like such a leap from the room now - and man, we are BOTH going to miss Miss Leita - the best teacher there!! She just really seems to care about Ellie, and loves snuggling her and Ellie always loves to see her - such a comfort.

Anyway - just my quick update on my Ellie girl.

Will mostly is just enjoying the awesome weather we have had - playing with our neighbor boy Owen, who is in 2nd grade.  Will thinks he is the coolest and he has lots of cool toys :)  We have had lots of fun at the park, and just riding our bike around.  He is a hoot on his Strider bike and it's been a fun ride for him!  (It's fun all the laughs he gets from riding that thing - he goes SO fast!  And a few scrooges out there that get annoyed - which I just think, lighten up people - if you can't smile at a little boy flying down the road on his Strider bike - what can make you smile?!)

Happy early St. Patrick's Day- and March Madness time---LOVE tournament time!!

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