Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My baby is 3?!!

Holy cow?? How did that happen?  Can't believe that tomorrow Will will be 3... of course I spent some time looking through older pics the other night - and it seems so crazy that he will soon be a 3 year old (although he is starting to act like one more and more!)

It's funny - he can be such a sweet boy, a good helper, good listener, and then like any kid that age, something won't go his way and he will flip a switch and has shown us recently what a real tantrum looks like. Whew - 3 may drive us to drink :)  Luckily, they are few (knock on wood) and most of the time he has a great temperment still.

We celebrated his birthday with a party with his cousins, aunts/uncles, and grandparents at the bowling alley (he loved it and could have stayed all day) and then with a pizza party, cake and presents at Minksy's by our house.  It was a fun and successful party. This year his actual birthday (tomorrow) is the day before Thanksgiving, so Patrick and I are both taking the day off work and we are excited to celebrate all day with our birthday boy.  He is getting a new bike (shhh!!) so we are excited to see what he thinks!! It's so fun now that he knows presents, gets excited for his cake, etc.  Looking forward to this holiday season and seeing what he thinks about Santa and other traditions.

Ellie is doing awesome - although we have had to give her breathing treatments twice a day at home :( Ugh - it's no fun - for a few days it almost felt like her wheezing was getting worse - so I took her in again and they tested her for RSV, and didn't seem too concerned b/c her 02 sats were fine as well.  They keep saying it just sounds upper respiratory - but I feel so bad for her at times.  They have mentioned some people have sensitive airways - so I hope it clears up some though.  She is still our sweet, smiley, rolly polly girl though!  Doesn't seem to affect her mood - and she's just our little doll baby.  Makes me wonder what we ever did without her!

She loves jumping in her jumperoo, putting anything/everything in her mouth - and right at 7 months started saying 'Da-da'!!  (i'm working on the Mama one!)  It's so sweet when she stares up at P and says "Dada" - heart melted :)  She has recnetly gotten so wiggly too!! Hard to sit still when she eats a bottle (she wants to devour it!) and even in high chair - she is always throwing things down and slamming her hand down! She's a deal :)

We hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving - I know we are so very blessed and Thankful for our family of 4, for our health, and for each other.  God is good.

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