Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer fun!!

We have had such a great August!! It has defnitely flown by!  Early August we celebrate Grandma Bobbie's 60th birthday in Beatrice.  We had SO much fun!! Amy and I put together memories from Mom's friends and family - the goal was to get 60 and we surpassed that!  Mom loved getting to read the stories, and I can't say how much I loved receiving them throughout the end of July - I would get so excited to read what someone wrote and shows how loved Mom is - and was so fun to hear stories from friends from when she was a young Mom (around my age, or even before!)  (What, my Mom had a life before me?!!)  A wonderful party in Beatrice too to celebrate Mom - and we had a blast all weekend in NE - and spent some time at the pool too!

We also had Ellie's 4 month appointment (where we waited ANOTHER 1 1/2 to see the Dr. and decided we are going to switch back to our old clinic with Dr. Espe - even if it's a further drive, that was the second time and we were getting pretty upset.  Not ok for both the 2 month and 4 month, scheduled appointments to wait that long!!! UGH!)  Anyway, everytrhing looked great, Ellie weighed in at 15 lbs 12 oz (80%). 

Ellie is just getting more and more fun!! She is giggling lots and just lights up when she sees Mommy and Daddy, and Will too!  Her brother still is a pretty big fan, and usually is smothering her with kisses and "Hi sweet girl" - and he hears me say "It's ok, it's ok, mommy's here" and he repeats that to her all the time in a soft voice all up in her face!  Ha! She gets plenty of love and attention.

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