Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Locked out

A story from my maternity leave that I know will be re-told over the years:

It was a Thursday, June 5th to be exact, and we were getting ready to visit my friend Lauren and their new baby boy, Blaise.  I knew that I had a Bearcat onsie downstairs in our baby clothes bins, and thought I would see if I could find it for Blaise, since he has Bearcat parents.  Anyway, I told Will I would be right back, and I close the door to go downstairs and open the bins quickly.  After just a few short minutes, I walk up the stairs, and turn the knob and the  OMG!!!!!!  My heart started racing, and I started hitting the door and telling Will he needed to unlock the door.  I said, as calmly as I could, Will please come unlock the door, just like you locked it, please turn the lock on the door and unlock it.  His response was NO!!  NO!!! NO!!  I could tell he wasn't standing close to the door, but I was starting to panic.  My baby girl is up there, she is crying loudly already - and all I can think is 'I can't get to my baby!!'.  I tried to keep talking to Will to get him to try to unlock the door, but that wasn't working.  So, I figured, I was going to have to break down the door.  So, I heave with all my body weight and shoulder against the door, and see it barely budge (dang, I guess we have a good lock)  but I can tell that he didn't do the deadbolt (would have been too tall for him really) but must have just turned the darn lock on the door. 

After a couple tries of trying to break open the door, at this point, Will is screaming 'Mommy, Mommy- where are you??' and he is starting to panic.  So, I wiggled my fingers through the bottom of the door hoping he would see where I was.  I could tell he was climbing the stairs upstairs, perhaps thinking that's where he was hearing my voice come from.  So, I'm trying to talk him into coming down the stairs, and I had the thought to ask him if he could give Ellie her binky - just so she wouldn't feel completely abandoned, and then I thought NO- he is HER biggest threat right now.  If he tried to help, who knows if he would have picked her up, or something.  So, I am completely panicked at this point - I felt so trapped, like I couldn't get to my babies no matter how hard I tried. 

I grabbed a carseat he have in the basement and was trying to shove that against the door too, but still nothing budging.  Finally, I thought, I wonder if I can make it through the window in our basement.  It's pretty small, but I was determined at this point.  So, I took a kitchen chair and heaved it through the window and broke the glass (thankfully, it was plexiglass) and it broke easily.  So then I stood up on the chair, and all I had to do was make it through the window.  I wiggled my way through, and then crawled through our front bushes, and then put in our garage code to get in the house!! OMG!!!!  I have never been so relieved to hug my babies.  In the process, I didn't even feel it, but I was bleeding from the cut glass, on my hands, arms, legs, etc.  So, I was trying to clean myself up while calmly Ellie, and reassuring Will, but also having a very stern talk to him about not locking doors! AHH!  So, anyway, we all made it - I was down there for about 15-20 minutes - and since then I have to tell myself several times not to think about what would have happened if I couuldn't make it through the window! 

I had some nice cuts/bruises on my body for a good week after to show my battle wounds!  Ah--- what a crazy story --- I can't wait to tell Will's future wife and his kids some day about this one!!

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