Thursday, September 26, 2013

All Better!!

Wow - what a difference a week can make :)  Just reading back my last blog - I know I wasn't exaggerating at the time, but seriously, I am feeling so. much. better.  The biggest thing is just feeling like I have energy again--and nausea is pretty much gone also. It's amazing, Monday morning I woke up and just ... felt like myself again.  Oh, hormones :)

But, this blog is not all about me.... let's see, what new with Will.  Well, today he is 22 months exactly (I'm finding it weird how I still refer to him in months sometimes.... when most ask how old he is, I DO tell them he is almost two, promise :) I actually swore to myself I wouldn't be 'that mom' that spoke in weeks/months, but especially early on, it's impossible not to!)  Anyway, Bubs is super fun right now (again, I recognize I write this at least once every montly update)  Right now Will is really into:

- His train table - it's actually very hard to make him go outside and play during this gorgeous weather we have, at least that's good for the colder months ahead!! He loves saying "All aboard"  "Choo-choo" and then of course, anytime we aren't sitting there with him he says "Play" over and over until we come play with him.  (The funny thing is, once we start playing and having fun, he almost gets jealous and will take our trains away and start playing with them himself! ha!) 

- His imagination is growing like crazy!  From pretending to make things swim (by making his wrist dip up and down with whatever is 'swimming'), playing cars, and playing boats in the bathtub - it's so much fun to watch his imagination grow.

- He still loves 'Big Trucks', airplanes, walks in his wagon - or pushing his stroller himself, reading books, singing songs (he loves to sing the ABC's and does pretty well with knowing it!), dancing to music, and wrestling with Daddy.

- Can always count on him to eat: Mac n Cheese, grilled cheese, cottage cheese (yes, you are seeing a pattern here people), animal crackers, and following closely in his Mama's footsteps- any type of cereal :) 

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