Thursday, August 1, 2013

July Update

July has been a busy month, but tons of fun.  I am laughing at myself, reflecting over the past 20 months, and how at first I was going to blog every day, then expectations of myself was once a week---now I'm at a month at a time.  But, you know what, I think that's just fine and I'm not beating myself up over it.  I love documenting how Will is growing though, and truly want to capture these moments so I can re-live them again someday :)

 - 4th of July - we went to the Lake and had such a great time!  Amy, Cody, Gwyn & Daniel were all down, along with my aunt & Uncle, John & Kathy, my cousin Emily and our adopted-into-the-family-for-4th-of-July, Jess.  We loved watching the boys play on the deck, and getting some good Gwyn cuddles in.  Will is usually an awesome sleeper, and we don't have to worry much when we travel somewhere....however, the first night we were down there, he heard a VERY loud firework that startled him out of his sleep, and made him just terrified to go back to sleep in his pack and play.  I hadn't heard the poor guy scream like that in so was so much worse than when he was a baby and crying in his crib.  We tried to put hin in bed with us (that never works---he is SO wiggly and never gets comfortable cuddling with us), and finally Patrick was like, we are going to have to drive him around until he falls asleep.  I figured we were both in this, I would keep P company.  We left at 11pm, he finally fell asleep after 30 minutes of driving, and very luckily didn't wake up when we got him out of the car (he always does) and P got him back to sleep.  The next night (on the actual 4th - we put a very loud fan right next to his pack and play to drown out any noise.)  I guess you could say we learned our lesson!
 Also, I was in one of my best friends' weddings over the fourth.  We had a blast hanging out with friends, enjoying some fun laughs and just an awesome wedding! 

 - July 10th-11th - Mack girls' summer trip to the Lake!  So much fun to see my cousins and auntie's and spend some time with them.  Not everyone could make it this year....isn't it so hard to get everyone together and schedules free?? But, we still enjoyed everyone that could make it.  Don even came down, stayed at a hotel, so that he could take us out on the boat.  So nice!! I really did miss my boys so much though, it's really true that nothing is really the same when you are without 'your people'.  It's so cheesey, but it's like I leave part of my heart with them when I'm away.  But, so nice to have some girl time, and especially good sis time.  We were saying how we were going to sing really loud all the way down, ended up talking the entire 2 1/2 hours, didn't even turn on music!  Then, of course we sang really loud on the way back to college style jams :)  ha! 

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