Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9 months- From Baby to Little boy

Oh my gosh---I seriously feel like Will has grown up SO much in the past month.  I may say it every month, but this has been the most changes for sure this time---no longer my baby and more a little boy.

- All of a sudden, he went from sitting up to pulling himself up on things and wanting to stand ALL the time now!  He is SO curious about everything and will crawl (usually an army-like crawl) to get where he wants. Dr. Espe says usually once he starts pulling himself up to stand and walking around things, it could be about 4-6 weeks before walking on his own!  Ah---I don't know if I'm ready for that already! (I'm so sentimental---but seriously, this is such a fun stage right now!)

- He is eating table food now--he can have pretty much anything, and we can incorporate meat.  Basically anything except something highly allergic, like eggs, nuts, peanut butter, shellfish.  So far, he has still loved pretty much everything..although the spaghetti texture was something new, some days he likes, some days not.  Loves his yogurt, bananas, applesauce, he will pick up the cheerios but doesn't yet realize he is supposed to put in his mouth!  Lots of fun with food and trying new things!

- He can drink out of a sippy cup and is starting to hold his own bottle (kind of---mostly he still lets us do it!)

- He started Daycare at St. Luke's last week... Will is going to go there for 2 days out of the week, to give Mimi a break and it'll be nice he's close to Patrick and they allow us to be flexible with his schedule if needed.  Anyway, it was SO hard to leave him that first day, and not feel completely confident in what we were doing, but we just have to trust we are doing the right thing.  So far, nap time has been tough there, and after being there now his 4th time, I am hoping he will continue to adjust and get more sleep there.  But otherwise, he has gotten good reports that he is playing well, he likes his new friends, and just at times is a little needy :)

9 mo. old - 22 lbs (75%) and 28" tall (50%)

Spending Labor Day at the Condo (last time before Mom and Don sell!)

Standing at my activity table is my favorite right now!

Honestly, I feel so blessed every single day to have such a fun, healthy, happy, active little boy.  He is so, so much fun--I really do look forward to getting up in the morning just to hang out with him! (for anyone that knows me, I'm NOT a morning person, but am much more of one now!)  It helps that Will is always especially happy in the morning too, and will usually just smile and smile.  It melts my heart every time I see that sweet smile.  This weekend, Will also said 'Ma-ma' several times!!!  Between hearing that and hearing him giggle, it's the best sounds ever---by far!!  I know it sounds crazy, but everytime he said Mama, was when he was trying to get my attention or when he was right next to me... I think he knows!! 

Will is also such a charmer.  Whenever we are in church or in a restaurant or out somewhere, he always seems to charm the ladies or smile so big at someone and we get comments a lot on our cute baby.  We definietly think so--but fun to hear from others too! :)  In fact, this weekend we were eating at a Mexican restaurant with Mom and Don---and for some reason Will started getting the giggles.  He was laughing so hard, and had us all laughing back at him at our table---which made the 3 tables around us all look over and were laughing too!!  It was such a sweet moment.  Patrick actually mentioned this weekend, that he never knew how much he would laugh when he became a Dad---it's so true!  You know things will change, but never in our wildest dreams could we imagine how much fun it would be. 

Oh!  And lastly, Will is going to have a baby cousin!! My sister and Cody are expecting Baby Lew 2 on March 9th 2013!!  So excited and can't wait to see if we will have a little niece or nephew :) 

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